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Mission Statement: Exceed Expectations.

Pacific Energy is a locally owned and operated business serving all of Northern California with a clean and comfortable alternative to forced air and alternatives to conventional means of heating hot water. We are committed to stocking only the highest grade materials and components essential to the installation of a quality heating system.

what we believe in

Customer Care
We want our customer service to be increasingly attentive to the needs of our customers, delivering services, product, consulting and technical support developed specifically to meet their needs.

Respect For the Environment
We aim to guarantee that energy and raw materials are used sparingly, respecting the environment we live in as much as possible.

The Working Environment
We want to work in a safe and comfortable working environment, making sure that everyone is aware of the rewards associated with their own activities and environment which creates a further incentive for personal and professional development.

Professional Training
We aim to assure continuous training, which we feel is crucial for being able to face the challenges presented by the continuous evolution of technology.

Relationships with our Collaborators
We feel that it is both legitimate and important that these relationships be based on mutual and essential loyalty, transparency and collaboration.

Corporate Responsibility
We want to work with due regard for the fair economic, social and environmental expectations of all private and public parties involved in our company’s activities.

Observance of the Law and Code of Ethics
We are committed to working in compliance with the law and all regulations in force, as well as supporting ethically correct behavior that does not compromise the moral and professional reliability of our company.