Concrete Insulation

Insul-Tarp is a patented, premium under-slab insulation and vapor barrier designed to save on installation and labor costs and enhance radiant heated slab performance. With multiple roll sizes and patented technology, Insul-Tarp is a step ahead of other rolled insulation products on the market today.

Durable, cross-woven, extrusion coated polyethylene protects the interior insulating materials from damage on the job site and allows for longevity beneath the slab. The closed-cell foam, high-density bubble pack and patented reflective technology combine to create Insul-Tarp’s one-of-a-kind configuration.

Given the durable construction and superior insulating properties, Insul-Tarp is a multi-purpose product. Other uses include walls, attics, crawl spaces, greenhouses, metal building, pole barns, marine/RV and many more.


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